Who I Am

Who I am

My name is Dave Regier. I am a Certified Athletic Trainer, credentialed by the National Organization of Athletic Trainers (Certification #: 000050188) which oversees the educational requirements and testing required to become a Certified Athletic Trainer; as well as licensed by the of Texas Department of Health (License #: AT699).  This allows me to provide Athletic Training services to individuals who want to become more fit, to prevent injuries, or are in need of care to recover from an injury, to allow for a return to sport.

I have been certified since 1979 and have worked in university, medical school, clinic and high school settings; providing prevention as well as treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to athletes. I have worked with many sports medicine physicians and can assist you in finding the best doctor for your situation where ever you are in the country.

I am currently the Director of Sports Medicine for the annual East/West Shrine All Star Football Game, which brings 110 college senior football players to Florida every January for a week of practice culminating in an NFL game.  This week allows each player the opportunity to showcase his abilities to 200+ NFL scouts.  It is a week-long “job interview” for the players leading up to the NFL draft in April.  I oversee and direct the medical staff consisting of two orthopedic surgeons, three family practitioners, 15 Athletic Trainers, 15 massage therapists and two physical therapists.

I am currently employed in a rehabilitation clinic in conjunction with an Orthopedic Surgeons, caring for the athletes before and after surgical intervention.  This includes almost every injury experienced by athletes in a wide range of ages in numerous sports.  As our generation ages, many individuals are choosing to lead physically active lives; leading to a set of different circumstances that require a different level of care which I have provided in my current setting.

Who I am is a man that is also active as an athlete, participating in Ultra Endurance Cycling events in Texas and around the country.  I have fallen in love with multi-mile/day (400-600 miles per week) events, and getting a personal feel for overuse injuries.  You can see my activities on My Blog where I have posted information about cycling and athletic participation.

Due to a birth defect, I work with several challenged athletes to assist them in achieving greater fitness and enjoy different sports just like the able bodied athletes experience.  Two of these athletes are pictured here on one of our rides in San Francisco CA.  I am also involved in the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s  activities to raise money to provide assistive devices and or training for those who want to get up off the couch and participate in some form of athletic activity.

Who I Am

My expertise allows me to help you get stronger, to reduce your chance of injury, rehabilitate an injury that has occurred, and help you to achieve a physically healthy lifestyle.  If you’d like to know more about who I am, you can Contact Me to discuss your specific situation(s) that need guidance to preform better or recover.

Who I Am Outside of Work:

Check out My Blog for more about who I am! I am a long-distance cyclist, and there’s updates to my blog frequently!