Challenged Athletes

In my 30+ years of assisting athletes with their performance improvement and then injury care to return to their sport, I have a passion to help those with a disability enjoy a beginning in athletic participation, improvement  in a sport, or return to a sport.

Challenged Athletes


My background as one of the Challenged Athletes

This passion is not only from an athletic training position, but one that comes from my own experiences in the late 60’s and 70’s and now 2014.  As a youngster I had a desire to participate in sports, but with a disability, it was an uphill battle.  In those days, there was not an avenue for me to pursue sports, because those of us wearing  prosthetics were outlawed from participating by state athletic associations.  I was told that my artificial leg might injure someone–if I played contact sports, my fiberglass leg was a weapon!   Interesting thing is that if you put a football helmet and my leg on the ground and took another helmet and smashed each one, the leg would break and the helmets would barely make a mark on each other.


Now later in life, I have had the opportunity to use cycling as my avenue to participate with others, and have met many other challenged athletes who want to participate and improve their skills.  I want to make my services available to any of those with a challenge, so they may enjoy physical fitness.

Challenged Athletes

Yours Truly

Sports Wellness and Injury Care would welcome the opportunity to assist any challenged athletes in the enhancement of their skills and or recovery from injury so they can return to their sport.  I not only have the medical background to substantiate working with the individual with a disability, but also a keen understanding of what the individual needs from a very specific point of view to achieve greater physical abilities in their specific sport.


An individual with a disability cannot just us the normal training techniques like other athletes, but needs specific assistance with developing exercises/routines to enhance the abilities they still posses.  I have the ability to identify those needs and develop specifics for each individual to enhance the performance of these challenged athletes.  Every athlete has the desire to improve their skills and the disabled have those same desires, they just perform at a different level.

Challenged Athletes

Each individual and their disability is very different and takes a complete evaluation of their structure, range of motion, muscle function, muscle strength, balance and their goals to allow us to develop a program to enhance all of the above criteria.  The young challenged athletes shown here, each have their own unique circumstances and levels of function that need to be addresses in a comprehensive program.

Challenged Athletes

If you are a challenged athlete and would be interested in further information or to set up an evaluation and a development of a plan to improve your physical ability.  My email is


I hope you all can enjoy the serenity of participating in a sport like cycling and in the beauty of mother nature like seen below.

mother nature


For more information about Challenged Athletes, please see the Challenged Athletes Foundation webpage. Also, don’t forget to check out My Blog!